Tirana, Albania
28.335 m²


78 individual villas and 2 apartment buildings with commercial spaces and underground parking.


FAVOLA is a residential gated community which is designed to provide a luxurious living experience for its residents, while also creating a vibrant atmosphere for the local community. The complex is situated in a sloppy terrain facing the Farka Lake, with a range of beautiful views of the lake and surrounding area. The brand name FAVOLA, which means FAIRYTALE in Italian, is created as an acronym of FARKA VOGEL LAGO, to guide the architectural style of the project.

The residential complex consists of four types of villas, each offering different levels of luxury and amenities, differing in size and design to cater to different needs. These villas are spread throughout the complex, giving residents the chance to enjoy their own private outdoor space. The design will incorporate terracing and other strategies to take advantage of the topography. Additionally, an outdoor recreational/sportive area has been included, with a variety of activities and amenities.

At the entrance of the complex, two low-rise apartment buildings have been designed. The ground floor of these buildings will be used for commercial purposes and will also contain a café bar that will serve both the residents of the complex as well as the local community.

The circulation system is designed to provide easy access to all areas of the complex. It ensures a safe and secure environment, incorporating pedestrian and vehicular routes, with the vehicular routes designed to provide direct access to the individual villas and the apartment buildings.

The Farka Lake Residential Complex will provide a unique living experience for its residents. It would be an ideal place to call home.



Architecture: MB STUDIO
Project leader: Marin Bicoku
Team: Erion Hazisllari