Zvërnec, Albania
19.000 m²


Touristic resort with a 120 keys Hotel, 23 “Earth Houses”, 20 “Wood Cabins”, 60 “Luxury Villas” and “Stilt Houses”. Bars and restaurants, sportive structures and settings, a Spa, a gym  and spaces for conferences and seminars.


Blue Coast Resort is positioned as a leisure and vacation place focusing on sustainable management and operation aiming the least possible impact on the environment.

The primary accommodation structure is a hotel with 120 keys. As a symbol of the focus towards sustainable development and clearly a strong trait of the touristic offer, the resort also consists of suites / villas organised as an Eco-Village featuring “Earth Houses’, “Wood Cabins” and “Stilt Houses”. “Luxury Villas” in the segment of 5 Stars extend the accommodation offer. The resort features a number of bars and restaurants, sportive structures and settings, a spa, a gym  and structures for conferences and seminars.

The concept of the project is based in different strategies to achieve a touristic development with a minimal impact on the environment during the construction phase, as well as during the operation. It has an organic layout and the structures follow the morphology of the existing terrain and greenery.

The accommodation and services structures are strategically positioned in areas with little to no high greenery, protecting the existing scenery and creating the conditions to further extend it with autochthonous vegetation.


The architecture of the structures is in pure harmony with the landscape. The low height of 1 floor (except for the hotel), the style and the chosen materials, merge these structures with the scenery. The maximum usage of recyclable and biodegradable building materials fits the main strategy of an eco-friendly resort. Also, the architectural concept is held on prefabrication of structures/elements outside of the sensitive area, and installing them in place, thus minimizing the pollution and the construction processes within the area.


Project leader: Marin Bicoku
Team: Erion Hazisllari

Sustainable development

The concept of circulation, is based on preventing the access of motorized vehicles within the resort which release CO2 and create a high level of noise, and replacing them with electrical vehicles and bicycles. This is accomplished by creating a parking space at the entrance of the resort where the guests can park their cars and will choose to proceed their circulation inside the resort either with electrical vehicles of bicycles given to them at the station of the resort, using a network of roads to reach every accommodation and service structure. Also, the resort is crisscrossed by a network of pedestrian pathways which connect the structures to one-another inviting the guests to submerge into the nature. Following this concept, at the entrance of the resort, besides the parking and the station for the electrical vehicles and bicycles is located the welcoming/information/reception structure.

The usage of contemporary technologies confirm the objective of a sustainable project. The treatment of used waters will be carried out inside the resort and the recycled water will be used to water the vegetation of the area. Also, the treatment of organic wastes will be carried out inside the resort and will be reused in agriculture nearby the resort. The needs of the resort for fresh and drinking water will be fulfilled by using the technologies of desalting the sea water..