Mane TCI
Tirana, Albania
48.972 m²


The building host 24.361 m² of housing, 6.560 m² offices, 4.123 m² commercial, 10.025 m² parking and 3.903 m² circulation and technical rooms.


B5 is located in Northwest of Tirana in Lapraka neighborhood that historically is known as of the lowest income are in the city, despite being bordered to the main access avenue to the capital. As in most of Tirana, neighborhood architecture and streetscape is poor, chaotic and degraded. In contrast with its streetscape in and nearby the area are located a great number of social infrastructure facilities and when walking through the neighborhood you still can feel the warm atmosphere of community/mëhallë with people that stay outside and children playing in the streets.

But the question is, how to design a structure which can “correct” the complexity of an entire neighborhood into one iconic gesture? How can a housing typology be designed which combines community facilities with exclusivity needed in the main access avenue to the capital?

MB Studio propose a structure that recalls warm inner life/spirit of “mëhallë” creating an elevated courtyard protected by the noise and the main road heavy traffic, surrounded by structure itself with simple but warm color facades, meanwhile the outer shell kept compact and refreshed by its color scheme to “calm down” the chaotic streetscape of the neighborhood. Within this city a multitude of public spaces and programs, both indoor and outdoor, provide amenities for its inhabitants and offices face the main avenue. Considering the mid level investment required by the brief and mid level target group of the user, the aim here is also to reduce and simplify architectural details to avoid degrading of the image by accumulating the dust and penetration of humidity.


Architecture: MB STUDIO
Project leader: Marin Bicoku
Team: Dritan Turabi, Gazmend Pinjolli