Work Approach

By the analysis of different influences – local and global, historical and social – and by the acceptance of the unexpected, the surprising, the challenges of the times, interdisciplinary performance and global knowledge transfer are converted into space, material and technology. Thus each project is unique, although rooted in its time and place of origin.

Cost, time and quality management

With individual concepts and effective realization, we ensure high design quality, controllable costs and precise scheduling. All our projects are implemented within the rigorous restrictions of the client’s requirements. The firm practices comprehensive project control throughout all design and construction phases, for minor restorations as well as for major projects.


Our goal is to develop sustainable concepts for buildings and cities. Sustainability requires an overall analysis of all the parameters, including space, time, resources, ecology, health and the socio-cultural environment. The achievement of built quality and the lowering of resource consumption are the common aims for both clients and architects. We take on the responsibility of realizing projects that are ecologically friendly, benefiting both the users and the environment.

Overall Design and Planning

We work together with a team of specialized consultants, engineers and experts. In undertaking the general overall design of complex projects, we inherit the central position for contact throughout all planning phases. In that position, we assume all responsibilities for the coordination of specialized consultants and the control of costs and scheduling, from the design through the implementation on the construction site.

Our Clients

We’re fortunate to have worked with some great companies and institutions.