Tirana, Albania
13.990 m²


Intercity/international arrivals and departure bus platforms, city bus stations, terminal passenger lobby and services; transport companies offices and administration designated space; 36 rooms hotel and conference room; entertainment and shopping center; public open space and green terraces, orange garden and flowers farm; photovoltaic power station and underground parking.


TIRANA EAST BUS TERMINAL is located near the intersection of E852 (Tirana-Elbasan) Highway with Tirana Ring road, in the South-East suburban area of Tirana as a part of a cluster of new and existing buildings dedicated to showrooms, commercial, restaurants and leisure businesses and residential neighborhoods as well, creating a transition between high dense city and rural areas. The surrounding area is characterized by the geometries of infrastructures that weave through the hills conquered by chaotic spare developments and Tirana East Gate shopping center located along South-East border of the site.

By enriching and extending the proposed program for the Terminal with hotel, recreational and shopping spaces into a multifunctional series of floors for various uses, harmonized with existing and other new developments, with high intensity of activities and high density of users, we propose a cross breed district of transport, entertainment, commerce, working and living, forming a mixed-use hybrid with activity and life 24 hours a day as a landmark for the South-East suburban area of Tirana.

We propose “City gardens” as architectonic concept that transform development in an urban landmark where public space extend and intertwine private activities creating a place of relax, a place of contact and interaction between people, a socio-economic center of the South-East suburban area of Tirana. We propose a transformation of TEG parking built on the logic of shopping center by attaching the new building to the border of the site extending the space as green roofs, gardens and plaza. The extension double the size of the open space and becomes an opposite twin-based on the same structure, but with a different geometry. The combined building becomes a spectrum of optimal conditions: From open and flexible plans to tailor made units; From public programs to private activities; From vibrant urban space to peaceful green gardens; From cool infrastructure to warm and refined place to stay; From flowers farm to photovoltaic power station.




Architecture: MB STUDIO
Project leader: Marin Bicoku
Team: Erion Hazisllari, Dritan Turabi

Structure: UTS-01
Mechanical: ENERGY DC