Tirana, Albania
700 m²


4* Hotel with 16 rooms, lobby and socializing areas.


Built in the 2000nd as housing and services, at the lower part the building was used as restaurant, then offices space for rent, and now in a third transition, IN TIRANA Hotel is located in “Bllok”, the highest density developed area of Albanian capital city, Tirana. Whilst the type of the user has changed several times, it now offers comfort for travelers and provides a Snack/Wine bar for guests and the neighbors in the adjacent housing and offices area.

Within the existing exterior of the building a void was “carved” through the ground floor to create a communal area for guests. It combines intimate spaces, used for meetings, reading, working, snacking and drinking, with an open plan and a feeling of togetherness. A Box, which houses the bar, a mini-kitchen and toilets, is located in the center of the void to give privacy for the guests moving to the rooms as for the guest staying in communal area as well. Black grey used in the background gives an endless space feeling which is outlined by yellow rounded shapes giving the welcome and warm feeling of the hospitality for the guests, whilst the white of Carrara marble floor bring inside the freshness of the reflected light. Linoleum used to cover the corridors floor to absorb the noise created by guest luggage.

Seated in the dense and chaotic urban landscape of the city and in the lower part of the building IN TIRANA Hotel guest rooms are shaped to attract and maintain guest attention inside the room. Twisting white walls creates spectacular spaces that reflect the outside light in different angles and particles. Linear LED lights in the floor and ceiling highlight the space and a specific color used based to guest selection during booking welcome them with their preferred playful atmosphere. By twisting the walls are created all different 16 rooms that even can change in continuity by different lights color, meanwhile a green wall improve the chaotic view outside to the backyard. It seeks to attract people too curious to resist returning.



Architecture: MB STUDIO
Project leader: Marin Bicoku
Team: Erion Hazisllari

Structure: CLASS
Mechanical: ENERGY DC