“A” building – URBAN DYNAMO

Tirana, Albania
14.400 m²


Housing units, offices and commercial spaces and underground private parking.


URBAN DYNAMO is a mixed-use housing, commercial and services neighborhood located at the northern part of the city of Tirana, 350m from New Boulevard of Tirana, at Rruga “Dine Hoxha”. This new neighborhood is designed to be a dynamo of urban life of the area. The challenge is to create a project of social diversity in a strongly sloping terrain and integrating restrictions imposed by the Masterplan of New Boulevard.

“A” BUILDING is part of the first phase of development and is designed as a compact and rational organization of housing units on the five upper floors of the building, offices in the first floor and commercial units in ground floor. The façade of the building is kept simple, with modular floor-to-ceiling windows and lodges, in order to enhance the ‘game of the volume”. A touch of warm color is added to the lodges, creating a playful panorama along the way when the building is seen from different points of view.

Due to the terrain conditions, the ground floor is on different levels along and throughout the volumes of the building, following the terrain, in order to make it easily accessible from every point along the main road and the internal recreative area. South ground floor level is elevated to have access to the future inner garden and the future school development.



Architecture: MB STUDIO
Project leader: Marin Bicoku
Team: Erion Hazisllari